Nutrition Assessment

1 hr | $125.00

This 1 hour nutritional assessment will take a look at your current eating habits and improve on them. Assessment includes: general nutrition packet with diet principles, discussion of diet history, development of nutrition goals and methods for implementation.

Nutrition Assessment+Meal Plan

1 hr 30 min | $200.00

This 1.5 hour service is a discussion of your diet principles, review of diet history, past challenges, creation of nutrition goals, and a 2-week personalized meal plan with recipes designed to help you meet those goals.

The 4-Week Weight Loss Package


Initial 1.5 hour one-on-one nutritional assessment (includes nutrition packet) + 3 week personalized meal plan & recipes + 1⁄2 hour weekly follow up appointments (3 total) + 24-hour availability for questions & concerns!

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Grocery Tours

1 hr | $75.00

With these grocery tours you'll learn how to properly shop for ingredients that are healthy for both your mind & body! These grocery tours are personalized & one-on-one in order to better get to know you, your schedule, habits, preferences & more.

Wellness & Nutrition Lectures

1 hr | $75.00

Perfect for company meetings and retreats! With these lectures, your employees will learn delicious & nutritious new recipes that they can use for their next family meal, add into there own meal preparation and be a new addition to their own cookbook! With over 50 happy clients so far, my Wellness & Nutrition Lectures offer a tremendous value for your next business function.

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